When the divorce finances are complex, unclear or involve businesses or other significant assets, it is crucial to have a Divorce Accountant on your side to focus solely on the money.

We are experts in presenting your affairs in the most appropriate way and, where necessary, in challenging the spouse.

Divorce accountancy

The eventual settlement in divorce can be truly life-changing. You will want it to be fair, but divorce finance is often complex and the detail can be bewildering. For many people it will be hard enough just to figure out their own financial position. Getting to grips with the finances of your spouse can sometimes be an even greater challenge.

scales-businessNot everyone is comfortable with financial matters.  Nor is everyone familiar with identifying what someone earns; or how investments, shares, options and pensions are valued.  What is the worth of a business or a limited company?  How does one interpret the mass of data in bank accounts?  This is the world of financial detail in which we specialise. Often, one party has taken the lead on finances during the relationship.  Perhaps is more financially aware, has better access to funds and feels more “in control”.   A skilled Divorce Accountant can redress this inequity and help in the construction of a fairer deal.

In many divorces having an expert Divorce Accountant is at least as important as having a good solicitor.

The other side may misrepresent their wealth and downplay their income or their ability to earn. Unravelling their true situation, probing further with pertinent questions and envisaging the potential outcome under different scenarios should help to ensure that you are not disadvantaged as you seek to secure your fair share of the matrimonial pot.

A Divorce Accountant helps achieve a better financial result for you in your divorce. We examine the finances in detail to establish who’s got what, where it came from and how much it’s worth. By presenting an explicit picture of the finances, the arguments as to how the assets should be shared become far more persuasive.

Strong arguments create the framework for a better outcome.

pie_chart_1Since most divorces never reach Court but are settled beforehand by negotiation our accounting expertise helps improve your negotiating position in any out-of-court settlement. It helps present more persuasive evidence to the other side, to Counsel and to the Court should it get that far.

Much of the divorce process is about money; achieving a better settlement can transform one’s life going forward.  Engaging us from the start will position our expertise at the centre of the financial planning. Taking the lead in finance from the outset will be much more valuable and cost-effective for you than leaving it solely in the hands of the lawyer.

We work exclusively for you, but we frequently link closely with your legal team; we combine our respective accounting and legal skills to present the best possible case.  Solicitors increasingly engage us directly to assist in the more complex financial aspects of a divorce and, like them, we only ever act for one side. As accountants, we do not advise on legal areas, just the financial.

my Divorce Accountant is led by senior chartered accountants; specialists in divorce, veterans in business and and experts in Form E.  An accountant on your side to guide and to advise you throughout the process, taking time to explain what’s required, why it’s important and where an advantage might be explored.

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