What our clients say

Although I am an experienced family solicitor I was dealing with a complex farming partnership in divorce proceedings – it was clear the other side were trying to reduce the value of the assets. The other side initially offered £20,000 – we obtained £265,000 – there is no doubt that the clear and detailed report of Nick Talbot was a great help. Worth every penny!

Solicitor using our investigative skills to establish the true value of the husband’s assets (BW)

The other side’s position statement was full of errors and inconsistencies, ours I believe was bang-on. The hours of preparation paid off. The judge was clearly irritated by this and chose to refer only to “our” copy.

Client after good day in court using our report on his business (PT)

This looks to be a very detailed response which is exactly what is needed….there is no way I could of had time (or probably the expertise) to do this. So I thank you.

Solicitor on receiving first draft of indicative business valuation (YL)

My thanks for helping to take some of the pain out of this horrific divorce process. I really am grateful to you for your kindness and your attempt to “catch the bugger out”.

Client who knew everyone had done their best (LR)

I think that the text of your e-mail combined with the .pdf document says it all in very few words – a truly telling and factual analysis that even the most hardened Family Court Judge would find hard to contradict.

Client referring to detailed financial chronology in short marriage to support argument for excluding pre-marital assets (IH)

Thank you so much for meeting me today and for all your hard work on H’s accounts. Your report looks excellent – I feel a million times better!

Client’s email following a review which determined that husband was mis-declaring income (ES)

My wife’s form E turned out to be a bit of a non-event but I am following that up with your questionnaire on undeclared assets. I am grateful for your continued advice on the financial issues. You’re a good man to have at my side. I cannot thank you enough. Many many thanks.

Client on receiving questionnaire to challenge other side (RM)

Many thanks for all your help, your preparation, and probably more importantly your comforting words whilst dealing in a world where I didn’t want to be, or ever want to be again. In times when the pressure is on and I was feeling very much on the back foot a few wise and well chosen words from you were always welcome.

Client facing very combative legal team on other side (PT)