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Divorce planning

parting_road_1We are happy to discuss divorce planning on a confidential basis with individuals who wish to think through their options.

Settlement offers

As the divorce reaches its final stages offers are exchanged between the parties.

We can help determine what financial resources are available to fund a settlement.   Has a spouse the means to raise money, take on a mortgage, sell shares? Considering the settlement also through the eyes of the other party can be fruitful in moving it towards agreement.

We can help to construct the financial elements of an offer, for your solicitor to submit on your behalf.

Sometimes an offer received from the other side will be convoluted and difficult to evaluate in terms of how it will work in practice, and whether it is an offer that should be accepted, rejected or negotiated. These are critical calculations, which need to be carefully checked and dissected.

damien_solutionA Divorce Account, who has been working on your finances throughout, is uniquely placed to advise you. We can carefully work through each element of the offer and model how the proposed settlement might differ from previous discussions.

We can determine the offer’s financial ramifications and help you decide whether it is fair and reasonable and what your response might be.

Considering basic tax issues

Tax_1We can help ascertain the current position of outstanding taxes, which may need to be disclosed in Form E.   We are not tax advisors and do not offer tax advice, but we are familiar with the common tax issues that arise within divorce.

Budgeting for life post-divorce

A common mistake made post-divorce is the failure to budget satisfactorily for the new lifestyle. Sometimes this happens when one spouse keeps the home for the sake of the children or perhaps an emotional attachment.   Because of the high value of the home, there are few other assets awarded in the settlement. The expense of maintaining the home and the lack of liquid assets can result in a rapid depletion of cash, creating problems.

Problems can be mitigated by careful budgeting and comparing expenses against liquid assets and income. A Divorce Accountant can help you budget several years into the future and help determine if you will have enough resources to support your current lifestyle as well as your retirement years.