Form E

Form EForm E is a bulky 28 page document which is the financial cornerstone of the divorce process.

Each party has to complete their Form E in accordance with a fairly strict Court-imposed timetable. When finished, and sworn in front of a solicitor to confirm “full and frank disclosure”, Form E stands as a comprehensive snapshot of the party’s personal financial situation at that date.   The parties usually agree to a date and then, through solicitors, exchange their Form E’s simultaneously.

Form E obliges each party to disclose absolutely everything of financial relevance, including amongst other things, all property, assets, liabilities, bank accounts, credit cards, business interests, pensions, endowments, earnings from employment, self-employment, investments etc. etc.. Misstatement is a criminal offence.

In addition to the Form itself, there is a host of documentation required to support and /or corroborate the Form entries; e.g. all bank statement for the last 12 months, and detailed accounts and workings to support any business valuations.

damien_tickForm E is a starting point – get it right and it’s a good start. A poorly prepared or sloppy Form E will invite enquiry and will make an early financial resolution more difficult – and increase costs.  A good Form E makes the prospect of an earlier negotiated settlement more likely.

We help you complete your Form E, in a manner which best reflects your individual situation.

We also examine the spouse’s Form E – a task where you particularly need the sharp eyes and the expertise of a Divorce Accountant.