Not using a solicitor ?

Some people choose not to use a lawyer and become sufficiently familiar with the divorce process to wish to handle it themselves.

In those situations we can act as your advisor on all the financial aspects of the case, e.g.

  • Your financial disclosures
  • Investigating the spouse
  • Valuing business interests
  • Creating or contesting the case for spousal maintenance
  • Working through settlement offers

Typically a client will undertake much of the detail themselves, and use us to advise and supplement their work and skills as appropriate.

We can also act as your “McKenzie friend”.   If you are representing yourself in Court (i.e. you are not using a solicitor to represent you), you are entitled to have someone to sit next to you to take notes, offer advice (in whispers) and prompt you to ask particular questions etc. That person is called a McKenzie friend.