Preliminary review

damien_pencil_notebookWe are always happy to have a telephone conversation to discuss briefly your particular situation. We usually make no charge for this and if you would like to do this, please call.

We are also happy to undertake a preliminary review of your financial situation. We can arrange for this to take place by telephone or by you visiting us in person. Distance permitting, we can also arrange to visit you.

If financial data is already available, e.g. draft or complete Form Es we can then have a better appreciation of the options open to you. Of course we can only advise you on the basis of what you tell us, but most clients find that this is helpful in deciding what to do next, what the possibilities are and how much flexibility they might have in their disclosures.

Topics for discussion might include:

  • Completing your Form E
  • Considering spouse’s Form E
  • Assessing a business value
  • Business interests, e.g. gauging the spouse’s actual income / remuneration / drawings arising from business interests
  • Assessing the spouse’s true income and / or assets
  • Divorce planning
  • What to do next

Work is undertaken on the basis of an agreed hourly rate. We will discuss and agree with you a budget before we start.